About us

As modernity sets in, bringing in its wake, an influx of cultural and social changes, bulwarking social status and power became the putative purpose for the existence of fashion. The sartorial assets, lovingly left to us by our ancestors, sit at the back of our closets, gathering dust, evanescing, while our latest and most luxurious conquest gets the place of honour. It is not wrong to choose fashion as a means to claim our status in society, but its terribly sad to do it at the expense of forsaking one's own tradition and culture. What we could do, rather, is try and change the ephemeral nature of fashion by using the timeless beauty of indigenous textiles.

Khumanthem is an eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle brand, established in 2014. The brand's pledge is to establish lasting relationships with its clients by not only supplying high quality, one of a kind statement pieces, but also by engaging them with the beautiful ancient culture of India. Indigenous handloom and handicraft is the backbone of the brand.

Our Core